Live Without Fear

  • Two women laughing with their heads together. Learn about domestic violence in the deaf community.

Places to Contact When You Need Help

Information Is Key

“KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.” What does this mean? It means the more you know, the safer you will be. It is important that we teach people about domestic violence and sexual assault. This is important if we want domestic violence and sexual assault to stop.

HAVEN isn’t the only organization that is trying to stop domestic violence and sexual assault. There are other people, organizations, agencies and communities who want to help by getting good information and research to you. If we can let people know about domestic violence and sexual assault, we can give people the information they need to help them change their lives.

Local Deaf Resources

Download a list of all local resources — Oakland County and Michigan — for times of crisis.

National Deaf Resources

If you feel like your online safety is in danger, click here to immediately leave the site.