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Rape Exam Program

HAVEN has a program called START (Safe Therapeutic Assault Response Team). We can provide you with emotional support and a caring, warm medical team that includes nurses, doctors’ assistants and HAVEN advocates who help you if you have been sexually abused. Our team will carefully examine you and may be able to get some of the proof needed that you were sexually assaulted.

We have people called Forensic Examiners (FEs). They are specially trained people who can do examinations on both adults and children ( 12 years and older) to find evidence of a sexual assault. They are trained to go to court to tell the judge what happened.

The START office is in Royal Oak. The advocate and FE meet people in Royal Oak at HAVEN’s START Program.

The FE can help both males and females who have been sexually assaulted (12 years old or older) if you tell the police what happened within 96 hours.

This service is free.

If you need more information about the shelter, please chat live with us or call our Crisis and Support Line at 248-334-1290 (through Relay).

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