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HAVEN's Residential Program

HAVEN's residential program is Oakland County's only 24-hour emergency shelter exclusively for domestic violence and sexual assault victims and their children.

If you need a place to go, call our Crisis and Support Line at 248-334-1290, or chat live with us online.

The HAVEN shelter is offered free of charge.

How do I get into the shelter?
Who can stay at the shelter?
What about children?
What is provided at the shelter?
How long can I stay?
What if the shelter is full?

How do I get into the shelter?

If you have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault, you and your children may be eligible to stay at the shelter.

  • Men are allowed to stay at the shelter if they are being sexually abused or hurt by their wife or girlfriend or partner.
  • If you are a child (under 18) without a parent, you cannot stay at the shelter, but staff will help you find another place to stay.
  • Emancipated minors are welcome to stay at our shelter
Victims entering the shelter will need to live peacefully with a diverse variety of individuals who may differ in their beliefs, values and goals.

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What if HAVEN is full?

When the shelter is full, staff will help you find another place to stay. There are other domestic violence shelters in other counties.

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How long can I stay at HAVEN?

Most people stay about 30 days. However, you can stay longer if it is a true emergency. It is important to be working on goals that will help you with the future.

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What happens at HAVEN?

If you are in the shelter, staff will give you counseling and help you find a good place to live. They will make sure that you have medical care if you need it and counseling if you want it. The counselors are trained to help you in many different ways but you are empowered to use your own strengths to live your best. There are individual sessions and group sessions to help you start fresh.

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What about my children?

It is very difficult when an adult experiences domestic violence or sexual assault. Imagine how difficult it is for a child who doesn’t understand what is happening.

At HAVEN, we make sure that all programs help children feel safe, secure and loved through this difficult time.

We have special programs and activities for children in our shelter. We try to make sure that children live normal lives while at the shelter, so they go to school and have counseling.

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What does it cost? (It’s free!)

We do not charge anything for our shelter, Crisis and Support Line, counseling, or START exam. Everything is free. Many of our services are funded by VOCA, United Way and other federal funders.

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