Live Without Fear

Education and Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Simply put, knowledge is power. The more we can inform and educate people about domestic violence and sexual assault, the closer we can get to eliminating it.

What Is Abuse?

Domestic violence and sexual assault aren’t always easy to define. Learn more about what abuse is.

Understand the Problem

Common statistics illustrate just how much our society, on both a local and national level, is affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. Gets facts and statistics.

Understand Your Role in Prevention

There are things you can do, on both personal and community levels, to help prevent domestic violence and sexual assault. Understand your role in prevention.

Understand the Culture

By helping people become more aware of cultural influences that contribute to domestic violence and sexual assault, we can help prevent violence before it starts. Understand the culture of abuse.

Papers and Studies

Learn more about identifying and preventing domestic violence and sexual assault through these downloadable studies. View our papers and studies.

Prevention Education Programs

Trained educators, as well as members from the Survivor Speakers Bureau, are available for community education and prevention programs, school programs and more. Learn about our Prevention Education programs.

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