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Community Education and Prevention

Trained educators are available to train and educate health-care professionals, law enforcement officials, members of the clergy and other faith-based leaders, community organizations, corporations, and professional associations on the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault. If you are interested in scheduling a training seminar for your group or workplace, please contact the Prevention Education Department at HAVEN by calling 248-334-1284, ext. 350, or request a speaker.

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School Programs

A large part of the prevention strategy at HAVEN is focused on our partnerships with area schools. School programs are presented in the classroom in an age-appropriate manner and are designed to raise awareness and provide information on how gender roles and expectations, as well as our culture, influence dating violence and sexual assault. Students also learn about resources, risk reduction strategies and bystander intervention. Staff in-services and parent information sessions are also available.

Helping Kids Help Themselves (Pre-K–Second Grade)

Helping Kids Help Themselves introduces young children to personal safety and body ownership through telling Daisy the HAVEN Raven’s story. Daisy is alone with her uncle when he touches her and tells her to keep it a secret. Children learn the difference between good and bad secrets, how to identify a safe grown-up, and that if abuse happens it is never their fault.

Gender Respect (Third–Fifth Grade)

The Gender Respect Program explores the messages that students have learned about gender while also examining the ways that these messages can contribute to gender disrespect or the sexual harassment of their peers. The program also offers guidelines for helping students who find themselves the object of such harassment. Students end up with the affirming message that we all want to feel good about ourselves and have respect for others, and that it’s never a good idea to make fun of or harass someone else — for any reason.

Skills for Violence-Free Relationships (Middle/High School)

The Skills for Violence-Free Relationships program concentrates on raising middle school and high school students’ awareness of sexual assault, dating violence and sexual harassment.

  • Sexual assault: This program defines sexual assault and provides examples. Students are taught that “YES” is the only form of consent.
  • Dating violence: This program discusses the importance of forming healthy and supportive dating relationships. It also explores various forms of dating violence and teaches what the signs are, how to get help and how to help a friend who is a victim of abuse.
  • Sexual harassment: This program defines sexual harassment and covers the difference between sexual harassment and flirting. Students discuss causes of sexual harassment, strategies for being an effective bystander and how to get help.


Schools requesting services are charged a nominal fee.

Spark (Middle/High School)

Spark is an eight-week program for middle school and high school girls focused on empowerment and self-esteem. Through discussion, films and activities, girls learn about navigating the world as young women, creating boundaries, forming healthy and supportive relationships, and achieving personal goals.

redefine (High School/College)

redefine is a multi-session leadership development course for high school and college-aged young men. In American culture, men and boys are inundated with messages about masculinity and manliness that support an extreme and toxic masculinity. Fostering and mentoring a healthier vision of manliness/masculinity can be helpful in promoting a society that is built on gender equity and intersectional social justice. This interactive program provides young men with skills to help end gender-based violence and to create healthier and happier emotional lives.

To request a school presentation or to speak to someone directly, please contact the Prevention Education Department at 248-334-1284, ext. 350, or request a speaker.

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Survivor Speakers Bureau

The purpose of the Survivor Speakers Bureau is to increase awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence through public speaking and education, and to create social change. Speakers Bureau members will speak to various groups and organizations, helping to counter myths and misperceptions about domestic violence and sexual assault that are prevalent within the community.


Share a Story

  • Are you a survivor of sexual assault or domestic violence who wants to use public speaking as a tool for social change?
  • Explore how to use your story to help change perceptions about sexual assault and domestic violence. Learn how to counter myths and misconceptions, create dialogue and field questions.
  • Most important, learn whether you’re ready and in a secure enough position for a speaking engagement. For more information, you can call 248-334-1284, ext. 350.



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Teen Advisory Council

The Teen Advisory Council (TAC) is an opportunity for teens 13–17 years of age to get involved at HAVEN. The group will be working on projects related to the youth clients at HAVEN and participate in fun and educational events in Oakland County.

The goal of TAC is to engage teens in HAVEN’s mission to end domestic and sexual violence. As part of our prevention effort, we believe it is important to educate teens about these issues so that they can go into their schools and communities as empowered and positive role models.

Please contact havenTAC@haven-oakland.org for more information.

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The programs above focus primarily on prevention and education. Learn about HAVEN programs that provide help with other stages of crisis.

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