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Join Us in Celebrating Survivors

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This year, HAVEN is honoring Domestic Violence Awareness Month with a campaign called #1Thing. The #1Thing campaign is meant to help people see how their #1Thing can contribute to our collective power to end domestic violence.

The #1Thing can be an action, something that you want the community to know about your experience or how they can support survivors, what you want policymakers to know, really anything related to domestic violence.

We would love to hear from you. To help get you thinking more about it, we have provided prompts on our cards. Simply choose the prompt you wish to respond to, fill in your answer, acknowledge our media release, and submit this form! Please keep your card anonymous, and avoid any identifying information in your response.

We will post these cards in our lobby, and share some of your responses on HAVEN’s social media.

Media Release: By completing and submitting the provided card, you are consenting to our potential use of your anonymous response on our social media, in our lobby, and on our website.

To share your #1 Thing, complete this form.

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